Visiting Midtown Farmers Market

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of an American Farmers Market. I was watching an episode of Supernatural with my husband when I saw Sam and Dean go through a Farmers Market. I asked my husband, who is a consummate American, about the idea of Farmers Markets.

What he told me blew my mind. Fresh and locally grown produce for a fraction of their cost in supermarkets! Of course, I just had to go to one. I got on my favorite search engine and typed out “Sacramento Farmers Market”. Not even 10 seconds later, I get results for a dozen local markets with their own schedules.

Of all the ones I saw, I chose Midtown Farmers Market. The appeal of it was greater than others as the location was easy to get to! It also helped that they were open every Saturday of the year.

Vendors I loved

Going around the farmers market was better than I ever thought it would be. I particularly enjoyed how spacious everything was! My senses were overloaded with the colors, sounds, and smells—all of which was in a good way! Of everything I saw, three particular vendors made a very good impression.

KC Flowers

This lovely flower kiosk was one of the first things I noticed! Their blooms were all eye-catching and vividly colorful. It also didn’t help that they have very good deals when it came to bouquets! As someone who grew up surrounded with flowers, I always have a hankering to keeping my home alive with blossoms.

Maltese Olive Oil

Of course, I found my way toward this particular vendor. It has always been y quest to find high quality and affordable olive oil. The ones available in the grocery have always been either highly overpriced or severely disappointing.

Woodsong Herbs

Any Italian girl worth her weight in herbs would find her feet toward this kiosk. Not only do they have spices and herbs at good prices, they have tea flavors that I’ve never encountered before. Call me a loyal follower of Midnight Mango!

Overall Impression

I loved every moment of it! I am definitely going back there for all my future culinary ingredients!