Welcome to my crafts page! This is the place where I’ll be posting my adventures and misadventures with crafts. To provide you with a better sense of the types of crafts I’ll be doing, let me tell you a bit more about the sort of crafts that I really gravitate to.

I mostly prioritize crafts that are:


As much as possible, I stick to recycled materials. If I can get my hands on crafts that have a practical use in everyday life, I dedicate my time toward that. We need to be smarter about the type of crafting trends that we support. We need to leave a better world for our children, after all. Don’t you agree?


I aim to try out new crafts that allow me to spend more time with my son. I always try to incorporate a lesson into everything that I endeavor. There is a certain amount of worry in my heart as a mother as to the type of man I’m raising. So, in light of that, I spend as much productive time as I can with my kid.

Realistically attainable

I try to avoid crafts that are too labor intensive. I aim stick to craft projects that are practical and realistic. After all, it is important to have realistic goals. The materials and time which go into crafts need to be thought out carefully.

If you have any craft ideas that you’d want me to try, give me a message through!