About Me

Hi! Welcome to my page!

My name is Megg and have I got so much to share with all of you! I’m a craft obsessed European currently living in Sacramento, California. I didn’t used to be so craft crazy though! I was once just happily minding my own business worshipping the Sacramento Kings. Then bam! I got to try, fail, and succeed on my very first craft project. From then on, I was a woman with a mission! That’s what led me to create Wood Gifts!

I love to incorporate my Italian roots with the recipes. Read that as fresh or dried herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, and a LOT of mozzarella and ricotta! I always aim to share my experiences with my readers in order to pass along tried and tested tips. I understand how hard it can be to really find reliable and organic tips out there. So that’s where I swoop in!

Join me as I try out different recipes, new craft projects, and finally, better and more efficient ways to care for my home. Of course, I throw in some of the latest happenings in the Sacramento area!  Let’s get started! Get ready to put your craft hats on!